Monday, 25 June 2012

Best Tips To Growing Healthier and Longer Hair


For you to start growing longer hair you must have a healthy hair. You are advised to cut off all damaged hair before you start the process of growing long hair.
The following tips will enhance the possibility of your growing long and healthy hair.

Taking Vitamins

It is a proven fact that nutrition plays a very important role in healthy hair. Your focus should be on specific vitamins that play big roles in hair health. Vitamins like Biotin believed to help cell development, prevent hair loss and stop premature graying of hair, Pantothenic acid which helps to stimulate the consumption of vitamins, stop hair loss and hair growth, Folic acid and Inositol that are supposed to allow blood circulation in the scalp area and keep the hair healthy should be part of any multivitamin you take if you want to grow long healthy hair.
However you are advised to consult your doctor before starting any medication.

Use Hair Replacement Products

Whenever you are experiencing hair loss, you should see your doctor to prescribe hair replacement products for you. Using hair replacement products will benefit you by making your locks become healthier and ticker.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

It is important to get regular hair trims if you are growing longer hair especially if you colour or use high heat appliances on your hair. Trimming your hair helps to remove any split or damaged end. This can make your hair grow faster.

Avoid Heat

Note that the use of hair dryers, hot rollers, curling irons, crimpers and flat irons on your hair can extremely damage your hair. Avoid using them on your hair. However, if you can’t avoid using them, get a gentle shampoo or other hair care products made to protect your hair from heat related damages.  

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