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It is a fact that good nutrition is vital to one’s health and also important to have a healthy hair growth.  Just as your body needs vitamins to maintain proper body functioning, the hair also needs vitamins that are mainly responsible for hair growth and health.

Your hair consists of proteins. When you relax, use heat to dry, perm or color your hair, you are actually stripping off the nutrition on your hair. Your hair does not need only protein, it also needs heavy amino acids and vitamins to form hair.  Therefore, it is necessary that you give your hair the right vitamins for it to remain healthy. Lack of vitamins slows down hair growth. It makes your hair look dull and easily broken. 

The following are the top healthy hair vitamins:

1.        Vitamin A – This vitamin is an antioxidant that helps produce healthy sebum in the scalp. However it can be toxic and can cause hair loss and other serious health issues if taken in excess. The food sources include fish oil, milk, eggs, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and peaches.

2.     Vitamin B12 - It prevents hair loss. You can get it from chicken, fish, eggs and milk.                                                                                                                          
3.      Vitamin C – this is an antioxidant that helps in the maintenance of skin & hair   health. Foods rich in vitamin c include Citrus fruits (eg oranges), strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, tomatoes, green peppers and dark green vegetables. 

4.      Vitamin E – This vitamin is an antioxidant that enhances circulation in the scalp area. Food sources for vitamin E include vegetable oils, soybeans, leafy green vegetables, seeds and nuts.

5.      Biotin – This vitamin helps to prevent hair loss and hair graying. You can get it from whole grains, egg yolks, liver rice and milk.

6.   Inositol – Helps to keep hair follicles healthy at the cellular level. Food sources include Whole grains, liver and citrus fruits.

7.     Vitamin B3 – This vitamin enhances scalp blood circulation. You can find it in wheat germ, fish, chicken, turkey and meat.

Vitamin B5 and B6 are also very important healthy hair vitamins. Vitamin B5 help prevent graying of hair and hair loss, while vitamin B6 helps in hair colour as well as prevent hair loss.

You can also take hair vitamin supplements to get all these hair vitamins and many more. You don’t have to wait until you have hair problems before you start taking healthy hair supplements. You are strongly advised to consult your doctor before starting any medication.

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