Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Some Causes of Adult Acne

Regardless of age, acne is a condition of the sebaceous glands. These glands are attached to hair follicles and produce an oily substance called sebum. Acne forms when a hair follicle becomes plugged with sebum and dead cells. The disease-causing events in the sebaceous glands are believed to be largely due to changes in levels of androgenic (male) hormones in the body—a circumstance usually associated with the growth and development that occurs between the ages of 12 and 21. Therefore, it is important to look for an underlying cause of acne that occurs for the first time in adulthood.

Acne that appears after 25 to 30 years of age may be as a result of one of these reasons:
   1. Recurrence of acne that cleared up after adolescence
   2. Flare-up of acne after a period of relative quiet—for example, during pregnancy
   3. Occurs for the first time in a person who had never previously had acne.

Some causes of adult acne include the following:
   *   Medication.  
    *   Physical pressure on the skin.
    *   Metabolic conditions. Changes in the hormonal balance, such as those brought about by pregnancy, menstruation or hormonal abnormalities can induce acne.

It is also important to know that some lesions which appear to be acne are not acne at all.
Acne that occurs in adulthood may be difficult to treat if there are multiple recurrences. Acne that appears for the first time in adulthood should be examined and treated by a dermatologist.

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