Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Your Skin Needs Care

It is a fact that not everyone knows how to take good care of his or her skin. Knowing as well as maintaining the essential needs of the skin is very important in keeping the skin looking healthy and beautiful. 
The best way to keep your skin healthy and young-looking is to provide it with a top skin care regimen. With a skin care regimen that can efficiently and sufficiently protect the function and structure of your skin, you are sure to have a more beautiful and radiant skin. 
There are basic and advanced skin care regimens which are discussed below

Basic skin care

The basic skin care needs are regarded as the foundation of a healthy skin. This covers four steps that include hydrating, toning, cleansing, and protecting your skin.

1. Hydrate
This basically is moisturizing your skin very well to keep it from dehydrating. Hydrating provides the skin with vital lipids, thus maintaining moisture. Skin specialists often recommend the practice of nighttime hydration once every night.

2. Cleansing
Cleansing keeps the skin free from pollutants, dirt as well as excess oil. If you fail to regularly cleanse your face, be sure to experience inflamed and clogged pores and dull skin. 

3. Tone
Toning is an essential basic skin requirement for soothing and calming the skin. To get more efficient results you can apply toning skin care products twice a day immediately after cleansing. Toning also balances skin pH and lessens pore appearance. 

Advance skin care

Advance skin care addresses specific concerns on the skin like acne, discoloration, free radical damage, and other critical skin conditions. Below are considered the advance skin care regimen that can be followed to achieve a younger looking skin.

1. Treat
This type of advanced skin care comes in when the structures, components, and functions of the skin are compromised, leading to the early occurrence of premature aging, wrinkles, burns etc. 

2. Nourish
Nourishing is essential for the maintenance of a youthful skin and to protect skin health. One way to nourish the skin is by using antioxidants that further prevents premature skin aging and damage. 

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